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Project Auditing

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Project Auditing
Learn how to conduct an in-depth audit to ensure project success through analysis, tracking and lessons learned.
Project Auditing, Project Training, PMP

Learn how to audit and monitor projects to assess project progress, identify and address problems, and establish best practices to ensure future project success.

If a project fails to achieve time and budget goals, the outcome can pose a significant threat to the strategic direction and financial viability of an organization. Conducting a project audit during project execution will ensure that a project is on track. The audit will uncover the issues, concerns and challenges that the project team may be encountering that could jeopardize successful execution. A project audit will identify what is going well and what needs to be improved within the project to successfully complete it. In this way, it helps a struggling project get back on track quickly. At the close of a project, a project audit can help to develop success criteria for future projects by providing a forensic review.

Learn how to conduct an in-depth project audit that will help you get your project back on track quickly. This includes: identifying the elements of a project you should be auditing, how to complete a risk assessment on a project, how to develop and report on the audit findings in a way that will ensure that the report findings get implemented.

Case examples will be used during this seminar to engage participants throughout the major stages of a project audit. Learn from other participants as well as stories, examples and the instructor’s real world consulting and project auditing experiences!


For Individuals

  • Learn to identify and analyze project problems
  • Learn techniques for keeping projects on track
  • Understand how to measure project risk
  • Identify areas of weakness within the organization structure and resources

For Organizations

  • Introduce strategies for mitigating and preventing project delays
  • Build leadership competency in managing project budgets and minimizing cost overruns
  • Develop project best practices for the organization
  • Know how to implement project management improvements quickly and effectively
  • Ensure project management processes are being followed

Who Should Attend

This seminar will be of benefit to External Auditors, Internal Auditors, Accounting Department Directors and Managers, Project Management Offices, Senior Project Managers, Program Managers and Engineers. It may also be of interest to management who are responsible for the successful execution of projects.


Understand how to get a project that’s in crisis back on track.

Discover how to complete an effective project audit from beginning to end that will:

  • Uncover opportunities for successful completion of a project or program within the constraints of time, budget and customer expectations.
  • Identify issues, concerns and challenges preventing program and project success.

Find out how to uncover leadership’s “success criteria” for the program audit so that you are able to meet management’s individual and collective needs.

Know how to plan the audit and conduct interviews with: steering committee members, sponsors, project team members and key stakeholders who will be impacted by the program to clarify expectations.

Learn how to analyze a project to get to the root cause of problems and opportunities.

Review the project’s risk management process.

Examine the project’s change management process.

Discover how to audit the project’s quality.

Audit the project’s methodology, processes, tools and templates.

Apply the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and ISO 10006:2003 Guidelines for Quality Management in Projects to project audits.

Analyze the project schedules, budgets and quality performance.

Determine how to prepare a project audit report to management with specific recommendations for overall performance improvement of the project.

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