Media Relations: Preparation & Practice *IN-PERSON*

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Explore the world of media relations using a blend of theory, real-world examples, and hands-on practical training to prepare and deliver successful media interviews.

More and more, organizations are expected to participate in public discussion on issues of key importance. This often means working with media, both reactively and proactively. Whether you're the face of your organization, a subject matter expert, or the person who supports your organization's relationship with the media, this training will help improve your understanding and skills. Over the course of two days, participants will learn foundational theory, consider real-world examples, and receive hands-on practical training to prepare for and deliver successful media interviews.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Advance your understanding of the local media landscape
  • Prepare for and deliver a successful media interview
  • Gain hands-on experience through multiple practice sessions, using your organization's own topics
  • Receive feedback from your classmates and the facilitators to improve your media interview skills

Course Endorsements & Partnerships

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This course qualifies as credits toward the International Association of Business Communicators' (IABC) professional certifications.

When applying to sit for either the exam for Communications Management Professional (CMP)(R) or Strategic Communication Management Professional (SCMP)(R) or to apply for recertification, Gardiner Centre courses can be an integral part of your application package.

To learn more about this global standard certification, visit: To inquire about sitting for a certification exam, contact the local IABC NL chapter at, or visit:

Continuing Education Contact Hours: 14

Past Participants Said:

Another example of the Gardiner Centre bringing in top talent to teach the business community. Paula & Craig can speak to any media question, given their vast experience. Anyone speaking to media for their business or organization should consider taking this course. It has information you likely didn't know you needed!

- Mari-Lynn Taylor, Custom Training Participant, Winter 2023

The instructors used great examples from their professional experiences that helped me grasp the practical application of the media relation lessons.

- Nivethine Mahendran, Custom Training Participant, Winter 2023

Comprehensive media training provided in a highly informative and engaging way by experts in the field. From prep to post interview, this training provided a great balance of theory and training for folks with any level of media experience.

-  Jen Crowe, Custom Training Participant, Winter 2023

 Content was digestible, not too overwhelming. Also very relevant to the local context.

- Fall 2022 Participant 


Craig Ennis

Craig has worked in communications jobs nationally, regionally, provincially, and locally. His experience spans public sector (federal and provincial), private sector, not-for-profit, agency, and crown corporations, where he advised senior leaders on communications strategy and tactical execution.

As a media trainer, Craig has taught one-day sessions with clients and also worked with executives to coach and advise them in the skill over the course of months and years. Craig holds a Bachelor of Public Relations degree and a Master of Business Administration. He has received multiple awards for his communications work.

Paula Dyke

Over the course of her career, former newspaper and television reporter Paula Dyke turned strategic communications professional has provided media training and media relations strategy to hundreds of individuals and dozens of organizations across Atlantic Canada. She has worked in government, agency, union, corporate and crown corporation environments and advised clients across sectors.

Paula holds a Bachelor of Journalism (Honours), Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, is an internationally accredited business communicator and certified reputation management professional. She has received international and national communications awards and career recognition with IABC-NL's 2014 Award of Excellence for Communications Professional.

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