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Lean Operational Excellence for Service Organizations

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Lean Operational Excellence for Service Organizations
Learn how to build a Lean organization, drive out waste, streamline process flow and build a culture of continuous improvement.
Lean, Six Sigma, Service Organizations

Learn how to build a Lean organization, drive out waste, streamline process flow and build a culture of continuous improvement.

For decades, lean concepts and tools have been applied extensively in manufacturing operations with very impressive results. Recently, service sector organizations, which account for over 80% of North America's GDP, are realizing the benefits of this huge opportunity to drive service efficiencies and banish waste.

Offered in partnership with York University, Schulich Executive Education Centre, Lean Operational Excellence for Service Organizations is a specialized course, on applying Lean principles, tools and techniques to identify and remove any non-value-added activities in your everyday service processes.

In this seminar participants will learn how to employ Lean tools and techniques to reduce costs and service delivery times, and drive customer satisfaction and profitability.  Participants will discover how to leverage powerful Lean problem-solving tools to manage projects more successfully, drive greater value or enhance continuous improvement initiatives.  This seminar can be very advantageous to organizations that have already deployed Six Sigma strategies, but want to incorporate Lean tools, concepts and techniques to drive even greater value and success with a blended Lean Six Sigma strategy.

What You Will Learn:

  1. What is Lean – its measurable benefits and how it can be applied to service and transactional operations
  2. How to effectively lead "kaizen" Lean projects or events in your organization
  3. How to effectively construct and use value stream maps
  4. How to identify and reduce or banish waste in processes
  5. Typical implementation structure, roles, steps and approaches
  6. Learn how Lean principles, tools and techniques can be applied to service processes to dramatically improve customer satisfaction
  7. Learn how to lead Lean events and establish a sustainable Lean culture – the keys to Lean success
  8. Use case studies, lectures, group discussions and workshops to master the Lean approach for services




For Individuals

  • Learn lean principles, tools and techniques
  • Discover strategies to implement lean in the workplace
  • Develop a  greater understanding of the end user/ customer and how you can enhance their experience
  • Enhance your capability for ongoing continuous improvement activities
  • Improve your knowledge based on data-driven decision making
  • Improve your confidence to challenge the norm, suggest new ideas and solve problems
  • Receive training that is recognized worldwide

For Organizations

  • Build a culture of excellence
  • Obtain clarity of purpose, values and alignment of all organization’s resources to achieve its goals
  • Develop strategies to reduce cost, deliver service to customers faster, enhance efficiency and productivity, and increase customer satisfaction.

Who Should Attend

Lean Operational Excellence for Service Organizations is being successfully employed by leaders in all service industries; from financial, hospitality and high-tech to healthcare and government services. This seminar will be of most benefit to VPs, directors, managers and employees in service organizations. 


Day 1: Getting Started on the Lean Journey

  • Key Concepts of Quality, Process Improvement and Core Concepts of Lean Thinking
  • Quality tools that help organizations build a culture of excellence
  • The evolution of Lean thinking
  • How service organizations are using Lean to improve their customer's experience, financial performance and competitive advantage
  • Introduction to Lean principles, tools and techniques
  • How to identify value and waste

Hands-on Cases:

Applying Lean to a transactional process

Start defining your business from a Lean perspective

Day 2: Building Lean Processes

  • Methodology and Tools to Apply Lean in Your Organization
  • Learn how to build value stream maps, Identify waste
  • Why and how single piece flow will transform your business
  • Integrating customer demand into your processes
  • The need and techniques for building an environment of excellence

Hands-on Cases:        

Applying lean to an end to end process

Start seeing your business differently

Day 3: Deploying Lean in an Enterprise

  • Building and Sustaining a Lean Service Strategy
  • Building future state visions and maps for your processes and organizations
  • Strategies for deploying Lean at an enterprise level
  • Organizing and leading kaizen events
  • Managing the culture change that enables Lean

Hands-on Cases:

Building a future mode of operation for a service process

Build a plan for your own organization

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