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Gain the knowledge, strategies, skills, and tools needed to acquire top talent.

With an aging population, a growing skills gap and record low unemployment rates, companies across Canada are struggling to hire the talent they need. This comprehensive course is designed to give participants the knowledge, strategies, skills, and tools necessary to succeed in the challenging and ever-changing field of recruitment.

With a focus on the candidate experience, employer brand and emerging recruitment technologies, participants will develop effective short- and long-term talent acquisition strategies, and identify the systems, tools, and technology necessary to implement them. This session will examine best practices throughout the process of recruitment and selection, and key considerations for attracting diverse and qualified candidate. Facilitated by an expert in immigration law, participants will also review the benefits of hiring international candidates while reviewing key legal considerations and available work permits. This course will provide insight into the expectations, duties and responsibilities of both employers and foreign workers.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the current talent landscape and the challenges facing organizations in hiring top talent.
  • Learn how to develop a comprehensive short- and long-term strategies that attracts top talent including: the importance of the employer brand, employee value proposition, tools and technology and the candidate experience.
  • Learn how to evaluate and select the best candidates for your organization.
  • Learn how to effectively onboard.
  • Identify the considerations and benefits of recruiting international candidates including the different types of work permits available.
  • Recognize the expectations, duties, and responsibilities for both employers and foreign workers.

This course is part of the Strategic Human Resources Management Program.

Continuing Education Contact Hours: 14


Laura Cashin

Laura Cashin (she/her) is the owner and Lead Consultant with Blueprint Human Resources.  An alumna of the University of Waterloo, Laura has over 17 years of progressive leadership experience in the field of Human Resources. Starting her career with tech giant BlackBerry, Laura experienced both their rapid growth and decline while working in their European, Asian, and North American headquarters. Laura has worked with advertising leaders Group m5 and most recently as an HR Director with the innovative leaders at Provincial Aerospace.

A strategic and creative human resource leader Laura specializes in translating business vision and values into strong HR practices . Her HR operations experience has taken her around the globe supporting companies of all sizes, in various industries, unionized and non-unionized, as well as companies undergoing massive change. Laura has supported employees in a broad range of industries including high -tech, industrial operations, advertising, aviation, education and aerospace.

Laura is also a busy mom of two, a wife, daughter, sister and friend. She is on the Board of Directors of St. John's Homestead Inc., a non-profit organization that aims to address homelessness through the housing and rehousing of vulnerable and at-risk adults across the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

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