Employee Exits

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Understand best practices when concluding employment relationships, how to learn from them and minimize impact to company culture.  

There are many ways employees may leave an organization, whether it be a resignation, layoff, termination, or retirement, it is important that HR professionals are confident they are concluding the employment relationship correctly.

This course will examine the various ways an employee might exit the organization, the considerations for each, tools and best practices HR professionals need to know to be prepared, compliant and compassionate during this phase of the employee lifecycle.  Layoffs are difficult for all those involved, this course will examine the impact layoffs have on company culture and what HR teams can do to minimize them.  

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the difference between temporary, permanent, and mass termination.
  • Identify primary considerations for exit preparation.
  • Practice how to prepare, coach, and conduct a termination.
  • Examine the role and value of the exit interview.

This course is part of the Supporting Employees and Labour Relations module in the Strategic Human Resources Management Program.

Continuing Education Contact Hours: 3.5

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