Agile Project Management

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Agile project management methodology uses short development cycles (known as sprints) focused on continuous improvement in the development of a product or service. Agile project management methodology aligns with organizational priorities and ultimately works to deliver strong customer value.

This course introduces participants to agile project management methodologies and illustrates the benefits and drawbacks of the approach. Participants will learn to understand the fundamentals of agile project management and learn when, where and how to apply it to projects using critical case analysis. Participants will also explore Hybrid Methods of project management. In the second half of the training, participants will analyze real-world projects and case studies, allowing for application and practice of both Agile and Hybrid methodologies.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Review the fundamentals of Agile Project Management
  • Be able to distinguish common Agile Project Management methodologies
  • Assess the benefits and disadvantages of the Agile approach for any project
  • Compare and contrast Agile Project Management with traditional Waterfall Project Management
  • Explore and analyze Hybrid Methods of project management

Training Topics covered:

Day 1: Fundamentals of Agile Methodology

  • Project planning
  • Solution creation
  • Solution release planning
  • Sprint planning
  • Agile project meetings (structure and frequency)
  • Sprint evaluation and continuous improvement
  • Agile Project Management methodologies
  • Group Work-Agile Simulation to entrench Agile Methodology Fundamentals

Day 2: Using Agile Methodology in Practice

  • Hybrid and Agile Methodology case study application and practice
  • Assessment of traditional project management vs. agile project management
  • Using Hybrid methods project management.

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