DELF Examination Dates


Here is the schedule for the March 2024and June 2024  DELF Tout Public examination sessions (including the DELF B2 Tout Public required by Memorial University’s Faculty of Education and the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District).

DELF Tout Public Exam Schedule
Memorial University St. John's and Grenfell Campus Newfoundland

DELF Tout Public March 2024

 March 4   DELF A1

March 5 DELF A2

March 6 DELF B1

March 7 DELF B2


 June 2024

June 10 DELF A1

June 11 DELF A2

June 12 DELF B1

June 13 DELF B2


At Memorial University's St. John's campus the exams are held in SN4030. The oral production section of the exams will be scheduled in consultation with the candidates. Students who are writng on Grenfell campus should contact the French Department in the School of Arts and Social Science. 

DELF Tout Public exam fees: A1 and A2 $125.00 B1 and B2 $195.00. 

For further information and to arrange an exam outside Grenfell campus or  St. John's campus please contact: 


DELF for High school students Spring 2024

The DELF scolaire A1 A2 and B1 (DELF exam for high school students) will be offered to all high schools in April 2024. High school students should speak to a French teacher or to the school administration to find out if their school is offering the DELF scolaire.

DELF scolaire B1 April 16th

DELF scolaire A2 April 17th

DELF scolaire A1 April 18th


Schools can contact the DELF Centre to inquire about DELF exams for their students: Susan Forward ( or 709 689-0967. NLESD will forward registration information to all schools. 

Fees for DELF/DALF School Examinations:

A Level scolaire examinations: $125.00

B Level scolaire examinations: $125.00


Useful links for examination preparation

Additional resources

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Préparation à l'examen du DELF A1 A2 B1 or B2 (Hachette)