DELF Examination Dates

Here is the scedule for the March 2022 DELF Tout Public examination sessions (including the DELF B2 Tout Public required by Memorial University’s Faculty of Education and the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District). A second DELF Tout Public exam session will be made available during the week of June 13th to 17th 2022. 

DELF Tout Public Exam Schedule
Memorial University St. John's and Grenfell Campus Newfoundland

Newfoundland and Labrador 

Monday March 7th, 2022 1 pm for 1 :30 start

Tuesday March 8th, 2022 1 pm for 1 :30 start

Wednesday March 9th, 2022 1 pm for 1 :30 start

Thursday March 10th, 2022 1 pm for 1 :30 start

Friday March 11th, 2022 1 pm for 1 :30 start

At Memorial University's St. John's campus the exams are held in Science 4030. The oral production section of the exams will be scheduled in consultation with the candidates. Students who are writng on Grenfell campus should contact the French Department in the School of Arts and Social Science. 

DELF Tout Public exam fees: A1 and A2 $125.00 B1 and B2 $195.00. 

For further information and to arrange an exam outside Grenfell campus or  St. John's campus please contact: 

DELF for High school students Spring 2022

The upcoming dates for the DELF scolaire A1 A2 and B1 (DELF exam for high school students) are as follows: 

April    05 - 07  2022     

May     03 - 05      2022      

June     07 - 09    2022      

Schools can contact the DELF Centre to inquire about DELF exams for their students: Susan Forward ( or 709 689-0967. NLESD will forward registration information to all schools. 

Fees for DELF/DALF School Examinations:

A Level examinations: $100.00

B Level examinations: $175.00

Useful links for examination preparation:

Look for either the scolaire exams which are for high school students or the Tout Public which is the diploma for adults, including the level B2 TP required by the Faculty of Education (MUN) and the NL English School District. 

For the section "compréhension de l'oral"  the rfi program 7 milliards de voisins  provides excellent B2 Tout Public listening practice:

For the sections Production écrite and Production orale: 

The following books are available on Amazon and recommended for DELF preparation:

Réussir le DELF A1 A2 B1 or B2 (publié par Didier)

Préparation à l'examen du DELF A1 A2 B1 or B2 (Hachette)

abc DELF A1 A2 B1 or B2   200 exercices (CLE international)

Préparer le DELF A1 A2 B1 B2 (Didier)





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