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The Core Science Facility provides modern research and laboratory teaching spaces primarily for the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, which allows Memorial to continue to compete on a global platform for research, faculty and students.

Planned and ongoing research that is happening inside this building has great potential to benefit Canadians and the world and also contributes to growing the economy of the province. The facility enables Memorial to deliver on its aspirations to be a leader in ocean sciences and other disciplines, and further nurtures current and next generation scientists who are completing important, world-class work.

In addition to the research labs and teaching labs housed within the facility, there are also much needed faculty and student collaborative spaces primarily for the departments housed within the building, but also benefiting the broader university community. These modern spaces are better suited to meet faculty and student needs as well as technical and accreditation requirements.

Faculty of Science

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Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

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Ocean Frontier Insitute

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Memorial Centre for Artificial Intelligence

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