International travel

Stay informed about Canadian arrival for air travellers

Things change quickly and staying up to date and informed is key when travelling internationally or when arriving back in Canada. Support and guidance for students entering Canada can be found here.

International SOS service available

Different countries continue to have different rules. To stay up to date on the latest international travel information, visit Memorial’s page on the International SOS website.

International SOS can provide:

  • medical and security information and advice prior to and during travel,
  • support in case of a medical or security incident or emergency during travel,
  • a platform on which travelers can sign up for alerts specific to their trip location

Users can also use the International SOS Assistance App using Memorial’s Membership number: 27AESP913660. Additional information to support international travellers travelling for university business can be found here. If you have specific questions related to travel for university business or student arrivals, please contact the Internationalization Office.