ATIPP Request - A request made under the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, 2015, SNL 2015, C A-1.2, as amended, for access to a record, including a record containing personal information about the applicant, or correction of personal information.

Cloud – Internet-based computing provided by a third party for computer processing resources and/or data storage.

Information Management and Protection Program – A program of policies, procedures, standards, schedules, guidelines and practices that provides an efficient system for the management and protection of information, in compliance with relevant legislative, regulatory and policy requirements.

Information Risk Assessments – A risk-based approach to classifying university information and identifying the appropriate controls required to ensure the information’s confidentiality, integrity and availability throughout its Life Cycle.

Life Cycle – The stages through which information is managed. Information must be managed and protected in a manner that addresses requirements for confidentiality, integrity and availability throughout all Life Cycle stages, including the creation, use, storage, and disposal or preservation of information.

Member of the University Community – An employee or other individual acting at the request of and on behalf of the university.

OCIOOffice of the Chief Information Officer.

Official University Records – University Records created, received or held as evidence of the university’s organization, policies, decisions and operations.

Retention and Disposal Schedule (RDS) – An approved Retention and Disposal Schedule prescribes retention periods and requirements for the legal disposal of Official University Records. It provides direction to ensure that Official University Records are retained for as long as necessary based on their operational, fiscal, legal and historical value. It also prescribes the appropriate disposition of Official University Records – either destruction or preservation.

Transitory University Records – University Records that are of temporary usefulness having no ongoing value beyond an immediate and minor transaction, as convenience copies, or as draft for subsequent University Records. Transitory University Records may be securely disposed of without a Retention and Disposal Schedule.

Unit – Academic or administrative unit, as defined in the University Calendar, or any board or other body appointed or elected to carry out university business.

Unit Head – Refers to Dean, Director and other senior administrators at a comparable level or above, including the President, Vice-Presidents and Associate Vice-Presidents.

University - Memorial University of Newfoundland.

University Archives – Refers to the archives designated as per The Rooms Act, SNL 2005, C R-15.1, as amended, as the repository for Official University Records of archival value.

University Records – All recorded information, regardless of physical characteristics or format. For the purposes of this policy, University Records are categorized as either Transitory University Records or Official University Records.



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