Food Drives - Suggested Items

Please see our donations page for ways to donate funds, if you wish to make a monetary donation. The following list is directed to those who ask us about what to collect on a food drive.

Our Most Wanted Items 

If you would like to help us out by having a food drive within your society or department, any non-perishable item is gratefully accepted. If you want suggestions, we have listed below our most wanted items, and invite you to donate them in any amount and combination that suits you.   

  • Rice - long grain, plain packages not flavoured 
  • Pasta - dry –  macaroni or spaghetti 
  • Tomatoes – diced or other styles, non-spiced 
  • Legumes – canned or bagged - including kidney beans /chickpeas/lentils
  • Vegetables - including corn (kernels not cream-style), carrots, peas, peas & carrots, mushrooms
  • Meat or Fish – including meatballs, chicken, turkey, salmon. No ham or pork please.
  •  Peanut butter
  •  Milk - canned evaporated milk
  • Pasta or tomato sauce
  • Snacks - including cookies, crackers, granola bars, pudding or fruit cups – please look for nut-free packages where possible
  •  Juice – 1 litre tetra packs of apple or orange juice
  • Condiments - including ketchup, mayonnaise, salad dressing, barbecue sauce
  • Beans – Canned brown beans, meat-free
  • Cereal – boxed cereals including corn flakes, rice crisps, cheerios


List as of September 2023