Information for Clients

Registration/Appointments not required - open on drop in, first come first serve basis. View Hours of Operation.

The Food Bank is open year-round, except for a few weeks over the Christmas Break. We are also closed for most statuatory holidays. We post those closure dates shortly in advance of the day.  We are also closed when MUN closes for weather reasons.

Who can use the Campus Food Bank?

The food bank is for MUN students, employees, and pensioners with financial need who cannot afford to buy the food they require.  We also take some students from other post-secondary institutions. If someone has some months they find challenging, but other months when they are okay, then we would expect they only come to the food bank in the challenging months.

How do I use the Campus Food Bank?

To utilize the Campus Food Bank, students must provide their MUN ID Number and their MCP number or, in the case of out-of-province students, a student number will suffice. You need to bring the card/cards every time.   

How often can I visit the Campus Food Bank?

You can get food once per month. We do require you space out your hampers, eg you can't get one March 31 and then April 1st. There should be a space of at least 4 weeks between hampers, for example, you could receive one March 31st and then April 28.

What if I have dependents?

If you have family members living with you in the same home, who will be sharing the food, such as spouse/partner/child/parent/sibling, we can give you extra of some food items. You would need to bring the MCP of each of those people to receive extra items. They do not need to come with you, just have their card. You need to bring the card/cards every time.