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About Us  - see below for hours.

The Campus Food Bank was established in 1996 and is registered as a food bank with the Community Food Sharing Association. Many departments, clubs, societies and other groups hold food drives and fundraisers throughout the year in support of its activities. The Food Bank is staffed by volunteers, most of whom are students.

The Food Bank operates year-round, except for a few weeks over the Christmas Break. Dates for that closure are posted in December. We are also closed for most statuatory holidays - these tend to be mainly Monday holidays when there are no classes. We post those closure dates shortly in advance of the day.  We are also closed when MUN closes for weather reasons.

Hours of Operation

Receiving food hampers from us:

Check out our Clients page for hours to pick up hampers.  There is a brief suspension of client hours in effect for the last part of October, 2022. Hours return to normal as of November.


We recommend that you avoid our Client hours, as there are often lineups, and that you donate at other times.  At this time we do not have fixed donation hours as donor schedules are so variable. We simply match up a volunteer with a donor to find a suitable time for both.  See the Clients page for hours, and the Donations page for more details about giving.  The brief suspension of client hours in late October 2022 has not impacted our donations operations, we are still accepting them.


The Campus Food Bank is located in the basement of the Global Learning Centre (formerly Corte Real), Burton's Pond Apartments,  on Memorial University's St. John's Campus. We are in room CA1000, next to the elevator.  The first floor of our building was renumbered in 2019 and our old number of CA1000K  was changed to drop the K.  We are still in the same room.  We are building 40B on this campus map.

Contact foodbank@mun.ca for more information.


Last updated October 28, 2022