Monetary Donations

We are a registered charity and can give tax receipts for cash or cheque donations. If you wish to make such a donation, you can:

1.  Contact the Food Bank at 864-3467 or e-mail to arrange pickup or dropoff of cash;

2.   mail us a cheque, made out to Campus Food Bank;

3.  donate via payroll deductions if a MUN employee or pensioner - see below for details. 

4. donate via e-transfers, using as the recipient.  Be sure to include your contact information so we can 1. contact you if we have a question and 2. mail you a paper receipt. PLEASE NOTE SOME E-TRANSFERS DO NOT SHOW THE SENDER'S EMAIL ADDRESS, so we have no way to contact those people if we have a query.  For MUN employees, giving us your department name is fine if you are back on campus, as we will send using internal mail.  For all others, your mailing address will be needed.

Food Donations

Please, for the privacy of our food recipients, we ask that you do not drop off food during our hours of operation, as these posted hours are only meant for food hamper pickup.  Instead, contact us at our email address,  or call us at 864-3467.  We will arrange a mutually convenient delivery time for both you and a volunteer.  We can also pickup if necessary.  We are an all volunteer organization, so we may need a few days to schedule someone to be available for donors. If you have limited time for drop-off and a small amount of food, it is okay to just drop bags outside our door, and the next volunteer along will bring them in.  If you wish to donate food and wonder if there are particular items we need, items from the list on the suggested items for  food drives page are always ones we can use.

Employee/Retiree Payroll Deductions

Form: Employee Donations via Payroll Deduction

If you are a current employee or retiree of Memorial, you can give to us via payroll deductions.  Every contribution counts, you can give as little as $2 a pay period. Once completed, email your form to Online giving is not available at this time.  As the form notes, the amount given will show in the charitable donation box of your T4.  There will not be a separate receipt from us. 

In Memoriam Donations

If you want to give a donation to the Food Bank in memory of someone, we can give you a tax receipt, and also send an acknowledgement to the family of the deceased person. Just contact us by phone or e-mail as listed above.


If you wish to donate your recycling money to the food bank, we have an account with Ever Green Recycling.  Go to the Express dropoff counter at any Ever Green depot and you'll be prompted to type in a phone# which is linked to the account receiving funds. The Campus Food Bank number is 864-3467. Then just drop off the bags as per Ever Green's practices. 

MUN donates funds from its main campus beverage container recycling program to the food bank.  The Marine Institute also does the same thing.  We are most appreciative of this support.