RESP and Educational Scholarships Trust Fund Forms

Registered Educational Savings Plan (RESP) agencies and Educational Scholarship Trust Fund companies may require that a student and the University submit completed forms to confirm a student’s full-time attendance, duration of degree program, and year of study.

You should submit your agency's form(s) to the General Inquiries counter of the Office of the Registrar at A2003 well in advance of the upcoming registration period. The form may also be scanned as an attachment from your email account to Include your student number, your plan number and your registration time.

Make sure you register as soon as your registration window opens.   Once you have registered as a full-time student in a minimum of nine credit hours for the semester, we will submit the form(s) and enrolment verification to the RESP agency or Educational Scholarship Trust Fund company. About one week after you have registered as a full-time student, you should contact the RESP agency or Educational Scholarship Trust Fund Company representative to confirm receipt.

If you wish to authorize a parent or another third party to discuss with us your RESP or Educational Scholarship Trust Fund application status, an Information Release Form is available.

Inquiries may be directed to or (709) 864 8260 or by fax: (709) 864 2337.


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