Apply to Graduate

Once you start the last semester of your academic program, you should plan to submit an Application for Graduation through Memorial Self-Service under the Graduation menu option.

Without submitting the form, you will not be considered for graduation automatically.

Application Deadlines

The following application deadlines apply:

Spring Convocation (May): January 15th; online Application for Graduation activated in late October.
Fall Convocation (October): July 15th; online Application for Graduation activated in early June.

Note: Applications received after the deadline will be processed as time and resources permit.

Eligibility for Graduation

To be approved to graduate, you must satisfy all program requirements. You should also have no outstanding fees in your student account at least two weeks prior to the first day of your convocation.

Note: If you are deemed not eligible for graduation, you will need to submit a new Application for Graduation for the next convocation.

Program Audit

Once you start the last year of your academic program, it will be time to think about graduation. To ensure that you have completed the courses required for your program, you can request a program audit from the Registrar's Office or contact the appropriate Assistant Registrar for assistance. 

Assistant Registrars are listed under Staff Contacts
For Arts students, you should submit your request to

Note: If an Application for Graduation has been submitted, please do not submit program audit requests.