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People in the Department of Political Science

Faculty: St. John's Campus

Faculty members are full-time employees who have considerable research expertise in their subject field that is developed through education, research, teaching and other experience. They supervise Honours and M.A. research essays, are members of professional organizations and university committees, participate in public events and are committed to the overall strength of the Department. Click on a name and/or teaching field(s) for further information.

  Name Teaching Fields Research Interests

Ashworth, Luke
Department Head & Professor

SN 2029
(709) 864-8180

International politics, Political theory History of international thought; international relations theory
Karlo Basta

Basta, Karlo
Assistant Professor

(709) 864-8182

Comparative politics Nationalism and ethnopolitics, federalism and multi-level governance, institutional design and change

Bittner, Amanda
Associate Professor & Graduate Coordinator

SN 2040
(709) 864-8186

Comparative politics

Elections and voting, political psychology, women and politics

Blidook, Kelly
Associate Professor & Undergraduate Liaison

SN 2042
(709) 864-8184

Canadian politics, Research methods

Political and legislative behaviour, political representation, public opinion, public policy, political institutions
Isabelle Côté

Côté, Isabelle
Assistant Professor

(709) 864-8174

Comparative politics Ethnic Conflict and Civil Wars,
Contentious politics,
Political Demography,
China and Southeast Asia,

Croci, Osvaldo

SN 2034
(709) 864-8185

International politics Canadian and Italian foreign and defence policies, European Union
Christina Doonan

Doonan, Christina
Assistant Professor

SN 2043
(709) 864-7413

Political Theoy

Political Theory, Human rights, Humanitarianism, Gender and Politics, Public Health, Law and society

Dunn, Christopher

SN 2045
(709) 864-8178

Canadian politics, Public policy & administration

Canadian federalism, intergovernmental relations, policy analysis, local government
Alex Marland

Marland, Alex
Associate Professor & Associate Dean (Undergraduate)

(709) 864-8254

Canadian politics, Public policy & administration

Political marketing, election campaigning in Canada, image management
Sarah Martin

Martin, Sarah
Assistant Professor

SN 2046
(709) 864-8181

International politics

Food Politics
Environmental Politics Global Governance

Scott Matthews

Matthews, Scott
Associate Professor

SN 2032
(709) 864-3093


Comparative politics

Elections, public opinion and voting behaviour,
political psychology,
political parties ,
parties and elections in the U.S. and Canada

Dimitrios Panagos

Panagos, Dimitrios
Assistant Professor

SN 2039
(709) 864-8175

Political theory Aboriginal politics, contemporary political theory, identity politics, resource management and governance
Stephen Tomblin

Tomblin, Stephen
Professor & Coordinator of Certificate in Public Policy

SN 2035
(709) 864-8189

Canadian politics, Public policy & administration

Comparative public policy, governance and knowledge construction

Williams, Russell
Associate Professor

SN 2031
(709) 864-4402

International politics, Public policy & administration

Globalization, public policy


Research Only

Some members of the department engage in research but not teaching, though may participate in some administrative duties (e.g., university committees). Such researchers may be past faculty members or invited visitors.

  Name Research Position Research Interests

Bornstein, Stephen
95 Bonaventure Ave.
(709) 777-6993

Director for the Centre of Applied Health Research

Comparative and Western European Politics, applied health research
David Close  Close, David

SN 2047
(709) 864-3096

Honourary Research Professor Latin American and Iberian politics

Wolinetz, Steven
SN 2047
(709) 864-3096

Professor Emeritus Comparative and West European politics, political parties, social partnership, smaller democracies, Netherlands

Teaching Only: St. John's Campus

Contractual and per-course instructors have expertise in their subject field and may hold full-time employment elsewhere. They therefore tend to offer practical "real world" insights but generally teach less frequently and perform less research than faculty members. Those who have been designated with a special title (e.g., Visiting Professor, Adjunct Professor) have a more formalized and broader role in the Department.

  Name Teaching Fields Research Interests
Mehmet Caman

Caman, Mehmet Efe
Visiting Assistant Professor

SN 2037
(709) 864-8188


International Relations Turkish foreign policy
Caucasus and Central Asia
Middle East
Energy Politics
EU-Turkey relations & EU foreign policy
Matthew LeRiche 

LeRiche, Matthew
Visiting Assistant Professor


International politics Security and Development Humanitarianism and War
The Politics of Aid and Emergency Relief African Politics
South Sudan history and politics International Intervention in Africa Security Sector Reform

Loder, Jeff
SN 2047
(709) 864-3096

Comparative politics,
International politics
Globalization, European Union, services liberalization

O'Brien, Francis
Adjunct Professor
SN 2047
(709) 864-3096

Canadian politics, Public policy & administration Law and society, Canadian constitutional law, international law

Pike, Sherrill
SN 2047
(709) 864-3096


Simms, Herb
SN 2047
(709) 864-3096

Canadian politics, Comparative politics, Political theory Millenarian Theory, Fishery Policy, Aboriginal Issues, Energy Policy, Political Economy, Political Theory
 Valérie Vézina

Vezina, Valerie

Comparative Politics Nationalism, federalism, Island studies, Newfoundland politics, Caribbean politics

Administrators: St. John's Campus

Our Department's administrators provide daily assistance to course instructors, researchers and to students to keep the Department running smoothly. Have a question? Chances are they've got a helpful answer.

  Name Office Phone
  O'Neill, Audrey SN 2028 (709) 864-8179
Lawrence, Juanita SN 2028 (709) 864-3566