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Faculty who are actively engaged in research in areas of combinatorics at Memorial University, along with a brief description of their interests, are listed below:

  • Danny Dyer
    Graph theory
  • David A. Pike
    Graph theory and design theory, graph decompositions and cycle properties, computational graph theory
  • Rolf Rees (1960-2012)
    Click here to view Dr. Rees' obituary.
  • Nabil Shalaby
    Skolem sequences, covering and packing designs, graph labellings
  • Andrea Burgess (Adjunct professor)
    Combinatorial design theory and graph theory
  • Jared Howell  (Adjunct professor)
    Graph Theory, Combinatorial Designs and Enumeration

Graduate Students

Name Program Years in Program Supervisor(s)
Robert Luther  Ph.D. 2016- Pike / Burgess
Naeemah Alghamdi M.Sc. 2011- Shalaby
Yashar Tavakoli  M.Sc. 2010- Dyer
Sadegheh Haghshenas Ph.D. 2010- Dyer / Shalaby
Farej Omer Ph.D. 2009- Shalaby
Daniela Silvesan  Ph.D. 2007- Shalaby
Xiaoliang Qi M.Sc. 2007- Parmenter / Shalaby
Iren Darijani Ph.D. 2016- Pike

Recent Graduates

Name Program Supervisor(s) Thesis Title Subsequent Status
Asiyeh Sanaei Ph.D. (2012) Pike Existential closure of graphs Post-doc, Acadia University
Andrew Jesso M.Sc.
Pike / Shalaby The Hamiltonicity of Block-Intersection Graphs of Balanced Incomplete Block Designs M.Ed. student, Memorial University
Rebecca Keeping M.Sc. (2010) Dyer / Radford The Watchman's Walk Problem and its Variations  
Sueng-Byong (Light) Go M.Sc. (2009) Mata-Montero / Shalaby Combinatorics and its applications in DNA analysis  
ÅÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ┬Éznur YaÅŸar Diner Ph.D. (2008) Dyer / Kondratieva / Pike Algorithmic Complexity and Extremality Characterizations for Edge Searching and Its Variations Lecturer, Memorial University
Joshua Manzer M.Sc. (2008) Dyer / Pike Perfect Triple Configurations from Matchings Ph.D. student, University of Victoria
Daniela Silvesan  M.Sc. (2007) Shalaby The spectrum of Skolem and hooked Skolem sequences with a prescribed number of pairs in common and applications Ph.D. student, Memorial University
Colin Reid M.Sc. (2006) Shalaby Extended near-Skolem type sequences, infinite Skolem sequences, and related topics Ph.D. student, McMaster University
Yubo Zou  Ph.D. (2006) Pike Decycling and dominating cubes and grids Visiting Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina
Andrea Burgess M.Sc. (2005) Pike Cycle systems: an investigation of colouring and invariants Ph.D. student, University of Ottawa
David Morgan M.Sc. (2001) Shalaby Gracefully labelled trees from Skolem and related sequences Ph.D. student, University of Alberta

Graduate Studies

At the graduate level, studies in combinatorics may be undertaken which lead to both the M.Sc. and Ph.D. Details of our department's graduate programs can be reviewed here.

The School of Graduate Studies has a very helpful website about Memorial University, St. John's, and all that we have to offer.

We are always seeking interested and qualified candidates for our graduate programs, in which you can apply online.


During the Fall and Winter semesters we have a seminar that usually meets every week. Follow this link to view a list of scheduled talks.


Many of the following journals are available, either electronically or in hardcopy format at the Queen Elizabeth II Library.

Links to additional combinatorics journals can be found here.