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Academic advice

Students admitted to do a Major in Geography are normally assigned to a faculty advisor with whom they should meet on a regular basis.

Students are encouraged to meet with their advisor at least once a term before the beginning of telephone registration for the following semester. The students will be offered advice on choice of courses, academic programs, and course scheduling.

If they wish, students can arrange to communicate with their advisor through email. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all departmental and faculty requirements are being met.

In order to help them with this, two or three semesters before their planned graduation date, students should request a degree audit from the Office of the Registrar. It may take about two weeks for an audit to be completed, which should be taken into account if students need their audit before the registration period starts.

Students completing a Minor in Geography can obtain advice from the General Office, Department of Geography, room SN 2012 or by email to

A student who has not declared a major and who needs program advice should contact the University's Academic Advising Centre, room SN 4053.

Who is your advisor?

To get the name of your advisor, please check with the General Office, SN 2012, or send an email to