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Department of Archaeology News

Dr. Brian Thom

Visiting Lecturer Dr. Brian Thom (Department of Anthropology, University of Victoria) will be presenting the talk "Innovations in Ethnographic Mapping and Indigenous Cartography"  on Friday, March 27th. 

Parks Canada is accepting resumes for the following positions: Contract Management Archaeologist (HR-02) and Industrial Archaeology Contract Management Supervisor. 

Photo Credit: Dr. Heather Killop

Dr. Lisa Rankin is one of 10 distinguished alumni invited to participate in Trent @ 50, a celebration of 50 years of Anthropology at Trent University. Photo Credit: Dr. Heather Killop


Visiting Lecturer Dr. Mike Richards (Department of Anthropology, UBC) will be presenting the talk“The 'Paleo-diet' and the Archaeological Evidence for the Evolution of Human Diets” on January 16th.

Geoarchaeology Journal

New evidence from Baffin island suggests an early (pre-Columbian) European presence in the Canadian Arctic, and may represent the earliest evidence of high-temperature nonferrous metalworking in the New World north of Mesoamerica.

From left to right: Megan Bower, Asta Rand, Jess Munkittrick, and Alison Harris in front of the poster they collaborated on.

Four graduate students from the Applied Archaeological Sciences research group attended the recent Canadian Association for Physical Anthropology (CAPA) 42nd Annual Meeting hosted by the University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB.

Award recipients: Jess Munkittrick (left), Anatolijs Venovcevs (centre) and Asta Rand (right).

Congratulations to M.A. students Jess Munkittrick and Anatolijs Venovcevs, and Ph.D candidate Asta Rand for receiving the prestigious Joseph-Armand Bombardier CGS scholarships.

Catherine Hawkins (right) with Nancy Brighton, coordinator of the student award program (left) and Karen Metheny, CNEHA Chair (centre).

Congratulations to M.A. student Catherine Hawkins who won the student paper award at this year's CNEHA conference held in New Jersey, USA.

Dean's List 2013-2014: Archaeology Students

The Dean's List is a way of recognizing excellence in students who are registered for a BA or BA Honours degree.

3MT competition

Congratulations to M.A. student Anatolijs Venovcevs who was second-place in the recent MUN 3MT Competition. Watch his presentation here.

Dr. Vaughan Grimes

Congratulations to Dr. Vaughan Grimes, Assistant Professor in the Department of Archaeology who has just been cross-appointed to the Department of Earth Sciences.

Looking for ancient human remains in northern Greenland (credit and copyright: Claus Andreasen).

Members of the Department of Archaeology, Dr. Vaughan Grimes and the late Prof. Priscilla Renouf, were among an international team of researchers who co-authored a recent article in the prestigious journal Science investigating the genetics of prehistoric Arctic populations.