Work with us


Please note: you must be taking undergraduate courses to work at The Commons. We are unable to hire graduate students.

 Apply to work with us by completing our Student Employment Application.

You will be asked to include:

  • a copy of your resume
  • your class schedule
  • a link to a 1-minute video. In your video, you can include information such as:
    • the qualities/skills that would make you a good technology consultant. 
    • any tutoring or teaching experience you have.
    • any previous experience you have with computer technology including software, graphic design, video editing, A/V equipment, digital cameras, sewing, electronics, and/or 3D printing/design.

Show us your personality, and get creative! This video does not need to be of professional quality. Use your phone, tablet, webcam – whatever you have on hand. You should make sure, however, that your video is well-lit and that the audio is clear. Upload your video to Google Drive, Dropbox, or Youtube, and include the link in your application.