Create and Populate a Watch List

Create a Watch List

1. Select the Lists and Searches icon from the left of the page.

List and Search icon

2. The Watch Lists Page appears. Select New Watch List button.

Watch lists pull down menu

3. From the Adding new Watch List page, enter the name of the watch list and select Save Watch List.

Naming watch list

Populate a Watch List with Students

1. Select the list you just created.

Watch lists pull down menu populated

2. From the page that appears, select the Add Student button.

Add student button

3. Enter the student’s name or student number.

Enter name or number

4. Select the student’s name. If you are adding multiple students, repeat this step until you have added all the students.

NOTE: It may take a moment for the names to populate on the page.

5. Select Add Student.

Populated add student button

Populate a Watch List from any other page.

1. Select the magnifying glass from the left of the page.

Campus advanced search

2. The New Search screen appears. Choose a category from the list displayed and enter your criteria.

3. Select the box next to the student’s name.

check boxes near name

4. Select Actions and then Watch.

Actions drop down menu

5. Add to Watch List box will appear, select a previously created list or select Create a new list.

Add to watch list box

6. Select Save. (This may take a few moments depending on the size of the list)

7. Once completed select List and Searches to see the existing Watch List(s).

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