Study Buddies

Looking for a Study Buddy?

Navigate has a tool called Study Buddies that can help you connect with other students in your class who are interested in studying with others.

The Study Buddies feature is a great way to catch up on what you may have missed in class and build connections with classmates. 

Find out how to access and use the Study Buddies feature here, or check out the below video. 

Finding a study partner, or group can be a great way to connect and collaborate on course work. You can save time, understand new viewpoints and stay motivated and on top of your course work.

Learning in small groups and studying with others can result in higher success rates.  Connecting with and getting to know classmates in the online learning environment can be challenging, but the. Study Buddies feature can help.

Forming a good study group, whether it is with Study Buddies or in another way is very important; here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • How to find group members: Find two or three people from your class to form your group. To make your group effective, look for people who are committed to the same/similar outcomes.
  • Get organized and focused: Look at what you will study, outline a list of topics for your meeting and show up prepared. Make sure to bring your notes and questions that you have for other members of your group.
  • How to meet: Given the ongoing global pandemic, online meeting platforms are best.
  • How long should you meet: Ideally an hour. Anything less will leave your group feeling rushed. Anything longer, you and your group may develop online fatigue.
  • Know why you are meeting: Ensure that everyone in your group understands why you are meeting ahead of time and what you hope to come away with at the end. Maybe it is a plan for your next meeting, items to work on before your next meeting or a list of questions for your instructor/professor.
  • Most importantly, have fun!

Additional Student Success Resources can be found by visiting the Academic Success Centre.