Funding Opportunities

 Currently the Foundation offers funding under three grant categories: the Research Grant, the Conference Grant and the Publication Subvention Grant. Please note the Publication Subvention Grant is only awarded if funds allow.

Applications are adjudicated by an Awards Panel, which makes recommendations to the Foundation's Executive Committee. Applications may be submitted by any scholar, from any discipline, conducting research on Newfoundland and Labrador. More specific information and application forms for each Grant category are included in the above links.

Applicants applying for the Conference Grant or Publication Subvention Grant should email their applications directly to by the December 1, 2023 deadline. For internal applicants, Memorial Faculty/School sign-off and use of the Researcher Portal is not required for these categories.

For the Research Grant, all applicants who are members of Memorial University (faculty, students, staff) must submit their applications through the Memorial Researcher Portal by the internal deadline specified by their Faculty or School, in advance of the Foundation’s deadline. Memorial University will submit these applications on applicants’ behalf to the Foundation following for departmental and faculty review and approval. Memorial applicants should check with their Grant Facilitators or unit approvers about internal deadlines. For applicants from Memorial’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, the internal deadline for review and Dean's Office sign-off is November 15, 2023. Additional information about the submission process can be found at the HSS Research Funding Tracker:

The Foundation may consider requests for funding other activities that do not meet the criteria of the three grant categories but are closely related to the Foundation's mandate. Funds for this purpose are quite limited and any requests should be made according to the deadlines for Grants to allow for the possibility of seeking the Awards Panel's advice.

Enquiries should be addressed to