Search for Vice-President (Marine Institute)

March 22, 2024

A search committee has been struck to begin the process of selecting the next vice-president (Marine Institute)

Search committee members include:

  • Neil Bose, president and vice-chancellor pro tempore (chair)
  • Ann Lynn Anstey, MI staff member
  • Kiley Best, MI research and technical personnel
  • Katie Cousens, MI undergraduate student
  • Tyler Eddy, MI research scientist
  • John Jamieson, academic staff member (elected through Senate)
  • Kim Keating, MI advisory board member
  • Meghan McKibbon, academic staff member
  • Peter Ride, dean, School of Fine Arts, Grenfell Campus
  • John Tucker, MI instructor
  • Ji Yang, MI graduate student

The committee will meet in the coming weeks to discuss the process.

Updates and all public information regarding the search will be shared broadly and will be posted on the president’s website. There will be opportunities for the university community to provide input to the committee at various stages of the search. Comments can be emailed at any time.