The MetaKettle Project

MetaKettle Draft Logo

The MetaKettle Project’s vision is to:

  • Transform the way we educate engineers and scientists at Memorial University and beyond;
  • Increase diversity and the participation of women in engineering;
  • Ensure engineering graduates are engaged global citizens.

Employers now demand engineers whom:

  • Can lead complex projects requiring technical competence and an understanding of social, cultural, economic, environmental and ethical issues;
  • Have expertise in one discipline but are able to work effectively with a wide range of others.

Engineering students want an education that:

  • Prepares them for a career within a global community;
  • Aligns with their personal and life goals;
  • Includes a sense of meaning and connection with their inner values.

To achieve the above, the MetaKettle Project is working to make engineering education more broad-based, socially responsible, and diverse with a focus on leadership, interdisciplinary dialogue, sustainability, and collaboration.

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