Selecting (or joining) a research project

Where to start? 

Start by meeting with your Research Director:

Dr. Nick Smith, Orthopedic Surgery
Dr. David Pace, General Surgery

Ask important questions (for example):

  • Is topic relevant?
  • Is topic too vast or should I narrow it down?
  • How involve will I get with this topic?
  • Is there enough material available on this topic?


  • What support is available for this project?
  • Can you use online material?

Doing the work

  • Does the research involve the public input?

Data Analysis

  • What is research outcome?
  • Do you achieve what you set out to do?

Extra: the program is involved in many trials, both multi-centered and in-house. There is a dedicated research nurse to assist with multiple aspects of your research project. A learner may also complete a Masters in Clinical Epidemiology while at Memorial. Allowances can be made to help facilitate a student in completing this program during their fifth year residency.