Discipline of Surgery

Message From the Chair

Thank you for visiting the Memorial University Newfoundland and Labrador's Discipline of Surgery website.

You will find links to key people in the discipline as well as information about our residency programs.

Our Discipline is involved at all stages of medical training. Our Faculty assist Undergraduate learners in gaining surgical knowledge through all phases of Undergraduate training. We contribute lectures and clinical skills teaching on Phases 1-3. In Phase 4, there is a 8 week core surgical rotation and elective/selective options throughout clerkship.

There are two Fully Accredited Postgraduate Surgical Programs under our Discipline. Both General Surgery and Orthopedics start with two years of Surgical Foundations training and both have begun their integration as CBD curriculum.

We have small programs that offer a strong academic, clinical and surgical experience. Early hands on training and graded responsibility helps us produce well-rounded and experienced surgeons that smoothly transition to either clinical practice or fellowship training.

Both residencies have productive and scholarly curriculum to assure we contribute knowledge to our respective specialities, and also provide our graduates with the skills needed for lifelong learning.

Our committed Faculty, Staff, and Residents strive to follow the Faculty of Medicine Destination Excellence: 2018 - 2023 Strategic Plan to produce the best trained and healthiest surgeons possible.

Thank you for your interest in the Discipline of Surgery!

Dr. David E. Pace, M.D., FRCSC
Professor and Interim Chair of Surgery
Memorial University

The Discipline of Surgery will strive to produce clinically competent surgeons, with solid skills in teaching, scholarly work and leadership while promoting a desire for lifelong learning in all our graduates.

Vision: Through excellence, we will integrate education, research and social accountability to advance the health of the people and communities we serve.