Student Essay Prize

ISER Purpose and Mandate

The purpose of the Institute shall be to undertake, sponsor and publish social and economic research within such disciplines and in such parts of the world as are deemed of relevance to Newfoundland and Labrador and the broader Atlantic world. Without limiting the generality of the above, research pertaining directly to social and economic development in Newfoundland and Labrador shall be of special importance.

Criteria for Application

The winner will be strongly encouraged to submit the essay to a journal published in associationwith Memorial University of Newfoundland, although the essay may be submitted to a journal of the author’s choice.

  1. Essay must be word processed
  2. Essay topic must fall within the ISER mandate
  3. Essay length is a maximum of 8000 words of text, excluding notes and bibliography
  4. The essay should be of a quality suitable for publication in an academic journal
  5. Applicants must submit the original copy plus six copies of the essay
  6. Applicants must submit a transcript
  7. Applicants must submit A curriculum vitae
  8. Applicants must submit a letter of appraisal from supervisor (see attached form)
  9. Essay must be an independent student work


The competition is open to graduate and honours students currently enrolled in a programme of studies within the last twelve (12) months.


The award for the successful student essay is $500.00

Deadline Date

The deadline date for submission is February 10. Application Form


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