Geography Blue Box Seminar presents Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. Department of Environmental Sturdies – University of Colorado

Feb 25th, 2022

When:  March 4, 2022  3-4 pm

 Where:  online

Description:    What are Plausible Futures and Why do they Matter? 

 Abstract: Much of climate science and policy today is grounded in research that relies on out-of-date scenarios. These scenarios date to 2010 and even earlier, and from the perspective of today, are readily shown to be implausible. In this talk I will discuss how this situation arised, how it might be addressed and its implications for climate research, assessment and policy

 About the author: Roger Pielke, Jr. has been on the faculty of the University of Colorado Boulder since 2001, where he teaches and writes on a diverse range of policy and governance issues related to science, technology, environment, innovation and sports. Roger is a professor in the Environmental Studies Program. Roger is currently focusing his research on a NSF-sponsored, 16-country evaluation of science advice in the COVID-19 pandemic.