Canadian Astronaut Jeremy Hansen visits Memorial University Geography Department

Jun 25th, 2014

Dept. of Geography

Major Jeremy Hansen
Canadian Astronaut Jeremy Hansen visits Memorial University Geography Department

Geographers and astronauts spend time studying the earth, albeit from highly different vantage points. The Department of Geography was lucky to have Major Jeremy Hansen, a new astronaut with the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), visit and give a talk on June 6; the visit was co-sponsored by the Canadian Institute of Geomatics (Newfoundland Branch) and the MUN Department of Geography. As a highlight of his talk, Major Jeremy Hansen answered the question, "how one can become an astronaut." He went over the type of training that aspiring astronauts need in order to prepare to go to space, and how their work contributes to the advancement of science and earth observation. Part of the training that Major Hensen underwent was fieldwork in the arctic, and remote cave exploration in Italy. The training astronauts are placed in difficult situations to prepare them for the unique environment that they will encounter in space.

Major Hansen shared his experiences to a full room of geography students, faculty, and members of the wider university community. The audience was treated to photos from the international space station, and a time-lapse video that simulates what an astronaut sees when in space. Members of the audience had the opportunity to ask Major Hansen questions about the type of work astronauts typically conduct in space, and the future of the Canadian space program.