Blue Box Seminar

Oct 24th, 2022

When: October 28th, 3-4pm

Where: SN2025

Description: Deep-sea mining of hydrothermal vents: Who? Where? When? How? and Why?

Seafloor massive sulfide (SMS) deposits form at sites of “black smoker” hydrothermal vents on the seafloor. These deposits form in all ocean basins and are being targeted as potential sources for Cu, Zn, Pb, Au, and Ag. However, these deposits also host rare chemosynthetic-based ecosystems found nowhere else on Earth. In this talk, I will describe where these deposits form, how we find them, and the current state of the deep-sea mining industry. I will present the primary arguments in favor of and against the proposed exploitation of these deposits and offer some predictions for the future of this industry.

Deep-sea mining of hydrothermal vents