You may complete a Major in Geography as part of either a BA or BSc program.

Students who want to declare a Major in Geography should meet with the Head of the Department. Once registered in the Major in Geography, students will be assigned a faculty advisor. The role of faculty advisor is to help students in planning their academic program and to guide them through difficulties they may have.

It's a good idea to declare your major as early as possible in your studies. That will help you in planning the route through your degree.

Program Requirements (B.A. or B.Sc.)

1. Students may complete a Major in Geography as part of either a B.A. or B.Sc. program. See the General Regulations for the B.A. and B.Sc. degrees as appropriate.
2. All students who major in Geography should consult with the Head of the Department, who will help them in planning their academic program.
3. The Major in Geography consists of 45 credit hours in Geography courses including:
- 1050 (3 credit hours);
- 2001, 2102, 2195, 2302, 2425 (15 credit hours);
- 3222, 3228 (6 credit hours);
- Nine credit hours from three other courses at the 3000-level;
- Geography 490A and 490B
- At least 6 further credit hours chosen from courses at the 4000-level;
- Further 3 credit hours in courses at the 3000-level or above, to fulfil the required 45 credit hours in Geography course
4. B.Sc. candidates must complete 15 credit hours in science courses outside Geography at the 2000-level or above.
5. B.A. candidates must complete the B.A. core requirements. (CRW, LS, QR)


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