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Dr. Charles Mather
Dr. Kelly Vodden

Thesis Title

Trade Missions as Temporary Clusters: Innovation, Lock-in, Network Development, and the Role of Proximity in the Newfoundland and Labrador Environmental Industry.

Research Description

Globally, firms are shifting from internal knowledge production to open global innovation as the knowledge base relevant to any industry is likely distributed across many disciplines, sectors, firms and researchers. As such, it is doubtful that the knowledge and skills required for innovation are present within the boundaries of a specific region. External linkages are required. Where regions become too inward focused, both learning ability and innovative capacity are reduced. This is especially true in non-core regions such as Newfoundland and Labrador which lack strong triple-helix cores, are distant from major markets, and do not have the benefits of agglomeration economies or industry clusters. While there is considerable research on regional innovation policy, social capital, absorptive capacity, international marketing and the construction of knowledge networks, little is known about the impact of temporary geographies created through international business development interventions on local systems of knowledge production and innovation in non-core regions. This research sets to examine the impact of temporary geographies on local systems of knowledge production in Newfoundland and Labrador’s environmental sector. It seeks to determine whether exogenous knowledge transfer and endogenous knowledge production are more likely to occur in cases where the cognitive models brought together in temporary geographies share sufficient salience to better enable understanding the adoption, adaption, or absorption of ideas, concepts, and technology.

Research Interests

  • General management
  • Decision-making frameworks
  • Firm-level productivity and competitiveness
  • Firm-level innovation and commercialization
  • Regional innovation systems in non-core regions
  • Semiotics and hermeneutics
  • Social distance and cognitive models
  • Economic development policy
  • Temporary geographies
  • Network development
  • International market development


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