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Dr. Evan Edinger (Department of Geography, Biology and Environmental Science, Memorial University of Newfoundland)


Dr. David Piper (GSC Atlantic, Bedford Institute, NS)
Dr. Kent Gilkinson (DFO, St John’s, NL)

Thesis Title

Influence of surficial geology on cold-water coral distributions in the Flemish Cap Area

Research Description

Cold-water corals are found in all of the world's oceans at depths from 50m to over 3000m. Mapping their locations is difficult due to their remote locations. One of the key elements to a cold-water coral habitat and most over looked is substrate type. My research examines the substrate preferences of cold-water corals on the Flemish Cap. Understanding coral species attachment substrate preference (e.g. limestone vs. granite) and by including this information with other explanatory environmental variables; predictive coral habitat maps can be more accurate.

Research Interests

• Cold-water Corals
• Biogeography
• Geology
• Marine Ecology
• Deep-sea communities
• Multi-trophic ecosystem modelling


Best Student Presentation, ACAG 26th Annual Meeting, 2014

Conference Presentations

Influence of surficial geology on cold-water coral distribution on the Flemish Cap. L. Miles, R. Devillers, E. Edinger. Talk presented at ACAG, 2014, St John’s, Canada.

Investigating the relationship between cold-water corals distribution and surficial geology. L. L. Miles, E. Edinger, D.J.W, Piper. Poster presented at the 14th DSBS, 2015, Aveiro, Portugal.

Epibenthic species and habitats in Inner Frobisher Bay, Baffin Island: Preliminary Results. L. Miles, R. Deering, E. Edinger, A. Aitken, T. Bell, A. Kilabuk . Poster presented at ArcticNet 2015, Vancouver, Canada.


Lecours, V., Miles, L.L., Devillers, R., and E.N. Edinger, 2013. Data analysis towards the multiscale characterization of cold-water coral and sponge habitats in Canadian waters. Technical report submitted to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador region, REQ. No. F6160-120010, 260 p

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Deep-Sea Biology Society (2015)




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