Jacqueline Riener

Office SN2005
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Dr. Alistair Bath

Committee Members
Dr. Carly Sponarski, University of Maine
Dr. Mark Stoddart, Memorial University

Previous Education
BSc Geography (Major), Memorial University 2016

Title of Project: Understanding Romanian Hunter Attitudes toward Large Carnivores in the Făgăraș Mountains Region

Research Project Description
Hunting large carnivores have been an ongoing tradition for Romanian hunters through the centuries. However, in 2016, the Romanian Minister of Environment introduced a trophy hunting ban on all large carnivores (gray wolves, brown bears, Eurasian lynx) and wildcats. Not only has the multi-million-euro industry that was used as the management tool toward large carnivores and wildcats been shut down, but the responsibility of managing these species has been taken from the hands of the hunters. This situation has led the hunters to question why this ban is occurring since Romania has the largest population for these species in Europe. To understand hunter views and opinions about large carnivores and wildcats, human dimensions of wildlife (HDW) approach has been used through the understanding of hunter wildlife value orientation, attitudes, and behavioural intentions. Understanding hunter attitudes toward wildlife have long been a central theme to human dimensions (HD) research, but little is known of hunter’s views in Romania. Usually, HD researchers focus on understanding a specific interest group’s attitudes toward a single species. However, this research focuses on understanding how attitudes vary across four species to explore whether hunters value all carnivores equally.

Teaching Assistantship
Winter 2019 GEOG 2425
Fall 2018 GEOG 2425
Fall 2017 GEOG 1050

Conferences and Presentations
Conference Presentations:
Pathways, Goslar, Germany
Făgăraș Mountains Conference, Bucharest, Romania

Poster Presentations:
Făgăraș Mountains Conference, Bucharest, Romania

Research Interests:

  • Human Dimensions of Wildlife
  • Conservation
  • Large Carnivores
  • Parks and Outdoor Recreation
  • Public Participation and Education


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