Erin Herder



Dr. Evan Edinger (MUN) and Dr. Alec Aitken (University of Saskatchewan)


Teaching Assistant, Fall 2016, Physical Geography, GEOG 2102


Northern Scientific Training Program Award, 2017-2018
ArcticNet Training Fund Award, 2017-2018

Previous Education

BSc Marine Biology, University of New Brunswick (2004)
Diploma in Environmental Technology, Camosun College (2013)

Title of Project

Benthic community structure and habitat mapping in Frobisher Bay: assessing change through long-term ecology

Research Project Description

Marine benthic habitats are some of the richest habitats in the Arctic, but are sensitive to disturbance and may be slow to recover. Long-term ecological studies that allow measurement of changes in Arctic benthic marine environments are rare but are imperative to our understanding of Arctic marine ecosystems and will aid in our ability to identify ecosystem change over time. The goal of my research is to compare benthic species diversity, abundance and overall community change in the coastal waters of Frobisher Bay, a macrotidal environment, near Iqaluit, NU. I am using sample data collected between 1967-1976 (collected by the Arctic Biological Station) and 2016-2017 to determine whether continued anthropogenic activities in the region, along with changing climate conditions are affecting the benthos. Ground truthed benthic grab sampling will also be used with multibeam sonar data to produce fine scale habitat maps to reveal spatial trends occurring in the benthos which can help inform marine biodiversity conservation plans.

Conference Presentations

Benthic community structure and habitat mapping in Frobisher Bay: long-term ecology in an Arctic Bay. E. Herder, B. Misiuk, A. Aitken, and E. Edinger. Poster presented at ArcticNet 2016, Winnipeg, MB.

Measuring spatial and temporal benthic community change in Frobisher Bay, southern Baffin Island. E. Herder, B. Misiuk, A. Aitken, and E. Edinger. Poster presented at GeoHab 2017, Halifax, NS.


Herder, E. and L. Van Guelpen. 2008. Compilation of research in the Gulf of Maine Biodiversity Discovery Corridor. World Wide Web electronic publication. guelpen/discovery-corridor, version 1.0/2008.

Van Guelpen, L. and E. Herder. 2007. Compilation of historic biodiversity research in Discovery Corridor waters. Biodiversity Discovery Corridor Workshop, 28 February – 2 March 2007, St. Andrews, NB.

Herder, E.C., D.A. Methven, and T.R. Hurlbut. 2005. Long-term changes in size-depth distributions of Urophycis tenuis white hake in the southern Gulf of St Lawrence and Cabot Strait. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom 85(5):1203-1210.



Department of Geography

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