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Dr. Josh Lepawsky

Committee Members:

Dr. Dean Bavington

Dr. Max Liboiron

Teaching Experience:

Graduate Assistant - GEOG 3620 (Fall 2016)                                                                Teaching Assistant - GEOG 3510 (Winter 2016)
Teaching Assistant - GEOG 3800 (Fall 2015)

Previous Education:

Hon.B.Sc. - Physical and Environmental Geography (2014)
University of Toronto
Toronto, ON

Thesis Title: When Ship Hits the Fan: The Case of the MV Veteran

Research Project Description:
As critical infrastructures in remote regions grow increasingly complex, the potential for breakdown increases carrying serious implications for the serviced communities. My research investigates the breakdown, repair, and maintenance of the MV Veteran. One of two ferries recently purchased by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador to serve the residents of Fogo Island and Change Islands.

In doing so, the MV Veteran is framed as a matter of geographic connectivity, not only to the physical mainland, but to the external social, political, and economic networks materially embodied in and dependent upon the ferry. The aim of this research is to address how infrastructural breakdowns affect this connectivity and to determine what lessons can be learned in these periods of disruption.

Research Groups:


Research Interests:

  • Infrastructure
  • Informal and waste economies
  • International flows of e-waste
  • Extended producer responsibility
  • Cultural and urban geographies


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