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Dr. Alistair Bath


Dr. Jerry Vaske, Human Dimensions of Natural Resources, Colorado State University
Dr. Carissa Brown, Department of Geography, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Thesis Title

The Human Dimensions of “Wolf Capital of the World”

Research Description

Spirit Way Inc. is an NGO that has had several years of presence in Thompson, Manitoba. Upon establishment, the primary purpose of this NGO has been to create new opportunities for Thompson and by creating these opportunities, diversifying Thompson’s economy, which would encourage investment in new initiatives. Over the past several years, Spirit Way Inc. has been studying the possibility of developing a “wolf economy” within Thompson. Spirit Way Inc. as well as supporting organizations hope to develop this wolf economy in five areas: tourism, science and research, education, special events, and art. The goal is to create economic opportunities through employment, the support of local businesses, and local development. Thompson is at an advantage due to their surrounding wilderness, touristic opportunities, public wolf art, knowledgeable trappers, outfitters, and aboriginal knowledge. These factors position Thompson as the “Wolf Capital of Canada” and as Spirit Way Inc. has been expanding this wolf economy in Thompson, they have been working toward positioning the city as “Wolf Capital of the World”. The purpose of this research is to understand public attitudes, beliefs, and values toward wolves and toward Thompson becoming “Wolf Capital of the World”. By integrating human dimensions into the “Wolf Capital of the World” initiative, a better understanding of how Thompson residents think about the initiative will be possible. Such information will allow decision-makers to balance extreme views by understanding how most residents feel about wolves, wolf management, and the possible rebranding of Thompson. By understanding where differences and conflicts may lie, we can address issues surrounding wolves and the “Wolf Capital of the World” initiative. Our results will help guide further educational efforts and decisions regarding the future of Thompson.

Research Interests

  • Human Dimensions of Wildlife
  • Public Engagement
  • Education
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Parks Planning and Management
  • Wildlife Management
  • Conservation Biology

Previous Education

B.Sc. Geography (minor biology)
Memorial University of Newfoundland


  • Sessional Instructor, Intersession 2015, Outdoor Recreation (HKR3555)
  • Teaching Assistant, Fall 2015, Outdoor Recreation and Parks Planning (Geog4405)
  • Teaching Assistant, Winter 2016, Natural Resources (Geog2425)


Bishop, B.; Bath, A.; Vaske, J. (2015) Understanding attitudes toward wolves, wolf management, and the “Wolf Capital of the World” initiative in Thompson, Manitoba Canada. 22nd Annual Wildlife Society Conference, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, October 17-21.

Bishop, B.; Bath, A.; Vaske, J. (2016) Wolves as a symbol of community: Wolf Capital of the World, Thompson, Manitoba. 5th Annual Pathways Human Dimensions Conference, Nanyuki, Kenya, January 10-13.


Bishop, B. (2015) Wolf Capital of the World project news. 610 CHTM Thompson, Manitoba.

Other Contributions

Bishop, B. and Bath, A. (2015) Understanding attitudes toward wolves, wolf management, and the “Wolf Capital of the World” initiative in Thompson, Manitoba Canada. Technical Report, Spirit Way Inc.

Current Memberships

The Wildlife Society - Student Member
Too Big To Ignore (TBTI) Network



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