Aaron Sneep

Email: ajcsneep[at]mun[dot]ca

Rodolphe Devillers & Evan Edinger

Awards and Distinctions:
• NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award (2019)
• ESRI Canada GIS Scholarship (2018)
• A. Charles Baillie Environmental Studies Scholarship (2017)

Previous Education:
B.Sc. Specialization in Environmental Biology, Queen’s University.
Certificate in Geographic information Science, Queen’s University.

Title of Project:
Mapping eelgrass in Placentia Bay, NL.

Research Project Description:
My research focuses on the ecological applications of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and multispectral sensors for fine scale mapping of aquatic vegetation. In particular, I focus on fine scale mapping of eelgrass (Zostera marina) in Placentia Bay, NL. Eelgrass provides many ecosystems services, such as nursery habitat. However, like many other seagrass species, eelgrass is threatened by many anthropogenic stressors and is in decline globally. This project is part of the Coastal Environmental Baseline Program, which seeks to establish an environmental baseline for future assessments of environmental change.

Research Assistantship:
• Research Assistant, Queen’s University: Lougheed Lab. Project: Bear Watch. January to April. 2019.
• Research Assistant, Queen’s University: Lougheed Lab. Project: Arctic Fisheries Project. May to Sept. 2018.
• Research Student, Queen’s University: Freshwater Fisheries Conservation Lab. Project: Modeling the where and when of largemouth bass and smallmouth bass spawning. Sept. 2017 to Apr. 2018.
• Research Assistant, Queen’s University: Arnott Aquatic Ecology Lab. Project: Killarney Provincial Park Lake Survey. May to Sept. 2016.

Teaching Assistantship:
• Teaching Assistant, Fall 2018 [Mun]. Geography 2195: Introduction to Geographic Information Sciences.
• Teaching Assistant, Winter 2019 [Mun]. Geography 3222: Research Design & Quantitative Methods in Geography.

Research Groups:
Marine Geomatics Research Lab
4D Oceans Lab

Research Interests:
- Coastal ecosystems
- Habitat mapping
- Aquatic vegetation
- Ecological applications of UAV technology


Department of Geography

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