Liwen Chen



Office: SN 2005



Dr. Josh Lepawsky (MUN)

Dr. Josh Goldstein ( Los Angeles ) from University of Southern California

Thesis Title [Working]

China’s E-waste Recycling

Research Description

My research is about Beijing’s e-waste recycling and focus on how the informal and formal e-waste collection groups work in the residential community to get the e-waste. So I’ll explore how the e-waste collection is achieved in the residential communities of Beijing by informal or formal collection groups and how they compete in collecting the e-waste stuff with different experiences, tools, socio-economic resources by ethnographic approaches and whether they can co-exist in the community. Through the community e-waste collection research, I’ll try to see how China’s e-waste collection is impacted by the new policies and online information technology development such as Wechat APP historically.

Research Interests

  • Informal recycling and Beijing’s urbanization
  • China’s informal recycling spacial and temporal changes
  • Impacts of Environmental pollution control to informal economy in China


Department of Geography

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