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Society, Knowledge & Values

Health & Well-being

Sustainable Communities & Regions

Climate & Environmental Change

I am a physical geographer and field scientist who studies landscape and seabed history from a variety of perspectives to address a range of research questions from theoretical to applied. My approach is strongly interdisciplinary and collaborative, involving analysis and expertise from a range of disciplines in the earth, life, and social sciences. My current project titles illustrate this approach and provide a general picture of my research pursuits:

  • Dynamics of the Newfoundland Ice Cap,
  • Mapping postglacial sea levels and submerged landscapes,
  • Prehistoric settlement, subsistence and environment in Newfoundland,
  • Multibeam bathymetric mapping for seabed morphology and habitat classification,
  • Climate sensitivity of tundra and boreal ecosystems in Labrador highlands,
  • Climate-change impacts in Arctic coastal communities.

Research Projects

SmartICE (Sea-ice Monitoring And Real-Time Information for Coastal Environments)

CARRA (Coastal Archaeological Resources Risk Assessment)


Post-Doc (1992-1994) McGill University
PhD (1993) University of Alberta
MSc (1987) Memorial University of Newfoundland
BA (Mod) (1983) Trinity College Dublin

Select 2015-2016 Publications 


Hirsch, R., Furgal, C., Hackett, C., Sheldon, T., Bell, T., Angnatok, D., Winters, K., and Pamak, C. Going Off, Growing Strong: A program to enhance individual youth and community resilience in the face of change in Nain, Nunatsiavut. Etudes/Inuit/Studies, 40 (1).


Danek, M., Bell, T., and Laroque, C.P. Some considerations In the reconstruction of lead levels using laser ablation: Lessons from the design stage of an urban dendrochemistry study, St. John’s, Canada. Geochronometria, 42: 217–231 (Open Access)

Wolf, J., Allice, A., and Bell, T. Values and traditional practices in adaptation to climate change – Evidence from a Q method study in two communities in Labrador, Canada. In The Adaptive Challenge of Climate Change, edited by O’Brien, K. and Selboe, E., Cambridge University Press.

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Anstey, R.J., Norris, S.P., Bell, T., and Renouf, P. Did Early Maritime Archaic Indians Ever Live in Newfoundland? In Yarden, A., Norris, S.P., and Phillips, L.M., Adapted Primary Literature The Use of Authentic Scientific Texts in Secondary Schools. SpringerLink: Dordrecht, 197-207.

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Hughes Clarke, J.E., Muggah, J., Renoud, W., Bell, T., Forbes, D.L., Cowan, B. and Kennedy, J. Reconnaissance seabed mapping around Hall and Cumberland peninsulas, Nunavut: opening up southeastern Baffin Island to nearshore geological investigations; in Summary of Activities 2014, Canada-Nunavut Geoscience Office, p. 133–144.

Mate, D.J., Campbell, D.C, Barrie, J.V., Hughes Clarke, J.E., Muggah, J., Bell, T. and Forbes, D.L. Integrated seabed mapping of Frobisher Bay, southern Baffin Island, Nunavut to support infrastructure development, exploration and natural-hazard assessment; in Summary of Activities 2014, Canada-Nunavut Geoscience Office, p. 145–152.

Primmer, S., Bell, T., and Batterson, M. The role of ice dynamics on drift dispersal in the Newfoundland Ice Cap: preliminary investigations; in Current Research, Newfoundland Department of Mines and Energy, Geological Survey Branch, Report 15-1: 277-285.


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