Remy Rouillard


Dr. Arn Keeling (Geography, Memorial University)

BA Anthropology, Université Laval; MA and PhD Anthropology, McGill University

Title of Project:
“Comparing Consultation, Consent and Negotiated Agreements in Arctic Extractive Industries”, part of the The Knowledge Network Mining Encounters and Indigenous Sustainable Livelihoods: Cross-Perspectives from the Circumpolar North and Melanesia/Australia (The MinErAL Network)

Research Project Description
My initial experience as a researcher studying the Arctic began as I examined the ways of life and interactions between indigenous Nenets reindeer herders and Russian oil workers in the oil-rich Nenets Autonomous District, in the Russian Arctic. I am now conducting a comparative project examining the legal frameworks and practices surrounding mining operations in three regions of the circumpolar world: Nunatsiavut, northern Sweden, and Yakutia, in Russia. The goal of this project is to establish a comparison between the theory and practice of consultation, negotiation of consent (or the absence thereof) and agreements between local/indigenous actors, the state, and industrial companies.
Central to this study is an examination of the interactions between the state, mining companies and local indigenous and non-indigenous actors. In a context often described as neoliberal, I am examining how negotiations and consent surrounding mining operations are associated with particular forms of interactions between these actors as private companies are increasingly responsible for the provision of welfare, namely through the use of corporate social responsibility initiatives or impact-benefit agreements. By comparing these three cases, this international project will generate practical and theoretical knowledge relevant to the researchers and indigenous partners of the MinErAl Network, to which this project is affiliated. Most importantly, this project will help to identify and highlight promising avenues and approaches to consultation in the context of resource extraction in regions inhabited by indigenous peoples.

Previous Research
“Shared Care in Mental Health among Inuit Youth in Nunavik” (2015-2017), School of Psychoeducation, Université de Montréal

“The Science of Impact Studies and Health in the Russian Arctic” (2013-2015), Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge

“Nomads in a Petro-Empire : Nenets Reindeer Herders and Russian Oil Workers in an Era of Flexible Capitalism” (2006-2013), Department of Anthropology, McGill University

“Identities and Loyalties of Russian Authors and Painters in Post-Soviet Estonia” (2001-2003), Department of Anthropology, McGill University

Research Interests
• Indigenous Peoples of the Arctic
• Extractive Industries
• Post-Soviet Studies

Representative Publications

  • Rouillard, R. 2017 “Foreign Bodies in the Russian North: On the Biological Adaptation of Soviet Settlers and ‘Oil Nomads’ to the Oil-Rich Arctic” in Northern Sustainabilities, G. Fondahl and G. Wilson (eds.). New York: Springer, pp.: 163-176.
  • Fraser, S., R, Rouillard and L. Nadeau, L. D’Ostie Racine, R. Mickpegak (2017) “Collaborating to improve child and youth mental health in Nunavik” Études/Inuit/Studies, Vol 40, 1, pp.: 23-41.
  • Rouillard, R. 2006 “Language Loyalty in the Baltic: Russian Artists and Linguistic Nationalism in Estonia”, in Language and the Future of Europe: Ideologies, Policies and Practices, C. Mar-Molinero and P. Stevenson (eds.), Houndmills, England: Palgrave Macmillan, pp.: 133-146.


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