Norm Catto

Department Head, Geography   Memorial University of       Newfoundland
St. John's, NL
A1B 3X9

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Climate & Environmental Change

Health & Well-being

I have lived in St. John’s since I joined Memorial University in July, 1989. My research and teaching interests include natural hazards and risk assessment; coastal landforms, erosion, and sea level change; and the impacts of climate and weather events on marine communities, transportation, infrastructure, fisheries, agriculture, and tourism. My work has included projects and investigations in environments in Europe, Russia, the Dominican Republic, Argentina, South Korea, and throughout Canada. I have written two textbooks, one on Natural Hazards in Canada, and another focused on Canadian landforms and associated hazards.


B. Sc. Hons., Geological Sciences, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario (April 1978)
M. Sc., Geology, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta (April 1981)
Ph.D., Geology, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta (February 1986)
NSERC Postdoc. Fellowship, University of Stockholm, Sweden (1986-1987)

Select Publications

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2012 Yanko-Hombach V, Panin N, Filipova-Marinova M, Catto, NR. IGCP 521: Black Sea- Mediterranean Corridors during the last 30 ka: Sea level change and human adaptive strategies, selected papers. Quaternary International, 261.


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