Daniel Banoub

Daniel Banoub completed his PhD in Geography at the University of Manchester and is currently an OFI Postdoctoral

Fellow in the Department of Geography at Memorial University. His research examines the historical-geographical political economy of resource extraction in Newfoundland and Labrador, with a focus on fisheries, aquaculture, and mining.

Dr. Charles Mather

PhD University of Manchester, Geography (2012-2016)
MA York University, Social Anthropology (2009-2011)
(Hons) Memorial University, Anthropology (2005-2009)

Research interests
Historical geography, environmental economic geography, feminist political economy, environmental history, histories of science, resource extraction, North Atlantic world


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Banoub D 2012 Fogo Island Arriving: An Anti-Essentialist Reading of the Production of Place Newfoundland and Labrador Studies 27(1) 33-62 doi: 10.15127/1.302724


Department of Geography

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