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Department of Geography
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John's, NL
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I retired at the end of 2015, after 39 years in the Department, and moved to Shelburne, Nova Scotia. While enjoying life in a small Canadian town, I hope to be able to finish three projects. The first is a book on Cooperative Housing in Newfoundland, the result of many years of collaboration with A.J. (Jo) Shawyer, another retired member of the Department. We anticipate that this will be published in 2016 by ISER Books. The second is a re-evaluation of the so-called ‘Bases for Destroyers’ agreement, entitled ‘ “Molasses and Rubies”: An assessment of the 1940 Anglo-American Leased Bases Agreement’. The third is an examination of the Canadian military presence in Newfoundland during the Second World War. The working title of that manuscript is ‘The Ephemeral Canadians: The Canadian Armed Forces in Newfoundland 1939-1945’.
Jo Shawyer and I have talked for many years about writing a book on the eradication of the slum in downtown St. John’s and the development of the northern valley into the garden suburb of Churchill Park and the creation of Pippy Park to provide a suitable showcase for new Provincial buildings. The completion of that project may yet come to pass.

Teaching Interests

Urban geography

Selected Publications

  • 2016 Sweat Equity: Cooperative House-Building in Newfoundland,
    1920–1974. C.A. Sharpe (Author), A.J Shawyer (Author). Iser Books

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