Alan G. Macpherson

Professor Emeritus
Department of Geography
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John's, NL
A1B 3X9

Office: SN 2024
Tel: (709) 864-8992
Fax: (709) 864-3119

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Academic Career

M.A. (Hons), Edinburgh, 1950; Ph.D. McGill, 1969.

Taught at St Andrews University, 1953-56; McMaster University, 1956-59; Central Michigan University, 1960-61; University of Rochester (Canadian Studies Program), 1961-66; Memorial University, 1966-93.

Research Interests

  • Historical geography and historical demography.

Current Research

  • Biography of William Eppes Cormack, merchant-explorer and naturalist
  • Aspects of Canadian placenames

Departmental Editorships

  • The Natural Environment of Newfoundland, past and present (1981)
  • Father Baudoin's War: D'Iberville's campaigns in Acadia and Newfoundland, 1696-1697, by Alan F. Williams (1987)
  • Four Centuries and the City: perspectives on the historical geography of St John's (2005)

Selected Publications

  • 2005. The Demographic History of St John's, 1627-2001. In, Four Centuries and the City. Department of Geography, Memorial University.
  • 2000. The early development of Geography as a "subject of Instruction" and the origins of the Department of Geography at the Memorial University of Newfoundland, 1946-1963. (download the PDF)
  • 1997. Pre-Columbian Discoveries and Exploration of North America. In John L. Allen (ed): North American Exploration, I: A New World Disclosed, pp. 13-70.
  • 1996. A Day's March to Ruin: a documentary narrative of the Badenoch Men in the 'Forty-Five and biography of Col. Ewan Macpherson of Cluny, 1706-1764. pp. 318.
  • 1994. Josse Tanquerel (fl.c.1650-70). Encyclopedia of Newfoundland and Labrador, V: 340.
  • 1992. The Strait of Belle Isle: a North American nexus in time and space. In Donald G. Janelle (ed), Geographical Snapshots of North America. Washington: 27th International Geographical Congress.
  • 1991. The people of Newfoundland: a longue durée in historical geography. In Guy M. Robinson (ed), A Social Geography of Canada. Dundurn Press.


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