Anne Irvin

Supervisor: Dr. Trevor Bell


Doctor of Philosophy in Earth and Space Science (2019) at York University Toronto, Canada

Bachelor (2008) and Master (2011) of Science with specialization in Geophysics at the Geothe University Frankfurt a. M., Germany

Title of project

Mapping Slush and Sea Ice for Spring Travel Safety in Inuit Nunangat

Research Project Description

The goal of this research is the development and operationalization of new hazardous ice mapping technology to mitigate impacts of warmer winters and springs on sea-ice travel in Arctic communities. In partnership with the northern social enterprise, SmartICE, we will develop the capability to detect and map slush and incorporate the technology into their mobile sea-ice thickness mapping system - the SmartQAMUTIK. Slush forms between the snow and ice when thick snow overlies thin ice and seawater floods the ice surface, causing snowmobiles to sink in and get stuck. Adapting proven concepts from case studies, we will adapt a brute force inversion algorithm to resolve sea ice, snow and slush thicknesses over seawater using the multi-frequency output from the electromagnetic induction sounder Geophex GEM-2. Instrument performance and the functionality of the developed algorithms will be verified by means of in-situ field tests carried out in collaboration with Inuit SmartICE operators. Additionally, the developed algorithms will be integrated into the SmartQAMUTIK controls and user interface software to permit display of snow, slush and ice thickness data in real time for the operator. Finally, operating protocols and training materials will be developed, tested and demonstrated with SmartICE operators in the Nunavut community of Qikiqtarjuaq.

Research Interests
- sea ice and its role in the climate system
- studying sea is properties and processes using in-situ measurements in combination with various remote sensing methods
- improvement ground based EM methods for sea ice thickness measurements in the Arctic and Antarctic.


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Department of Geography

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