Research Opportunities

Students may be able to complete one of these projects by enrolling in either MSc or PhD programs in Math or the MSc in Scientific Computing program. Students should contact the potential supervisor to see which program would be most appropriate for them.


Jahrul Alam's Projects

  1. Wavelet transform for modeling intermittency of turbulence.
  2. Large Eddy Simulation (geophysical turbulence).
  3. Intermittency in Boundary Layer Turbulence.

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Alex Bihlo's Projects

  1. Invariant and conservative discretization schemes for PDEs, including linear and nonlinear wave equations, Maxwell's equations, the shallow-water equations, and the two- and three-dimensional Euler and Navier-Stokes equations
  2. Invariant and conservative parameterization schemes (including turbulence modeling)
  3. Group analysis and group classification for PDEs
  4. Stochastic domain decomposition for Maxwell's equations
  5. Stochastic domain decomposition for grid generation

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Ronald Haynes's Projects

  1. Adaptivity and R-refinement for geophysical applications
  2. Stochastic Domain Decomposition for space and space-time problems
  3. Domain Decomposition methods for PDE based mesh generation
  4. Large Scale Oil Well Placement, Control, and WAG Optimization

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Scott MacLachlan's Projects

  1. Multigrid methods for saddle-point problems arising in complex fluid and solid mechanics
  2. Parameter-Robust discretization and solvers for singularly perturbed differential equations
  3. Mathematical modelling of heat transfer
  4. Space-time parallel multigrid methods

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